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Outstanding work of sad music - 89%

GuardAwakening, October 2nd, 2012

Black metal has these little unofficial "subgenres" that pop up every now and then such as atmospheric black metal, melodic black metal and (my favorite) depressive black metal; also known as DSBM which is abriviation for "depressive/suicidal black metal". However, I don't really prefer refering to the genre "suicidal black metal" as that sounds a little farfetched nor even makes much sense. What is "suicidal black metal" music anyway? Music that tends to kill itself? Anyway the genre over the past couple years now has been blown up underground and possibly the biggest and most recognized artists of depresive black metal (if not just metal as a whole due to their sucess) would most likely reign down to Xasthur, Trist and Silencer. However, Thy Light tends to do things differently than any of these artists and in some cases; much better.

Suici.De.pression is so far the only official release by Thy Light and is just a demo, but by goodness it really is a treat. The man behind the name is none other than Brazilian metal musician Paolo Bruno whom plays guitar in the death metal band Desdominus. Let me just say that while he has a mind for different types of metal, he sure had an amazing and spot on aspect for this type of music as well. Almost everything about this release is how it should be within the realm of depressive black metal. The lyrics dealing of pain, negativity and all loss of a better future, screamed vocals of agony, chilling emotional musicianship that grabs you by the throat and just the right amount of electronics thrown in as well.

The first real song on this record, "In My Last Mourning…" is pretty much the best out of this whole release. It begins with some light strums before some beautiful light and mood-filling guitar harmony comes in and then finally takes it full force. Bruno's screamed vocals are not only good under just the black metal genre but also for the sense of depression and sorrow this music gives off while in the midst of listening. Drumming seems to be programmed, which isn't too much of a surprise since this is only one guy, but it comes in clear and well and even though double bass kicks isn't exactly a black metal thing (never really was to be honest) he pulls it off well and suits the music before even putting a guitar solo in this track as well. You'll be blown away at probably the best DSBM song you'll ever hear.

The following song "A Crawling Worm in a World of Lies" caries a not-as-structured formula but still has that raw emotion and intense feelings negativity piled throughout as does the rest of the demo. But the song after this, however, "I Am the Bitter Taste of Gall" seems to overdue to the keyboards, even going on far too long with the programmed organ at the end of the track. The final song however, "…And I Finally Reach My End" is definitely the strangest on the entire record. This song contains no lyrics and according to the enclosed album booklet it comfirms that it is lyric-less and instead has "just screams of pain and hate", which almost brings you to chills just from reading that line alone. The "screaming" in the song however doesn't even sound so much as to what it does previously on the record, if anything it sounds more like a howl of despair (think the vocals of Silencer, just much less annoying).

Thy Light truly represents what music should be and ride right along the boundaries of the emotion and personal aspect it should carry. If Bruno does have a second release as Thy Light in the future, I will certainly not hesistate just to return once more to his style within this inspirational genre of music.