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No more core bullshit - 80%

mrdanteaguilar, April 28th, 2011

What a huge improvement these guys have made with this album. No more generic sissy deathcore bullcrap and certainly no more annoying angry kid vocals. Perhaps a few breakdows are present but they actually sound good and memorable. This album has nothing I haven't heard before, since many of their riffs sound very similar to other bands. But hell, just ignore that and you'll have a very memorable, brutal and enjoyable moment while listening to these Australian fellows.

First of all this album has no more angry kid vocals, meaning the annoying ultra high pitched voice has been dropped and instead they have an actual death metal vocalist that knows how to deliver very brutal sounding growls a la Decapitated. I BULLSHIT THEE NOT. No pig squealing either, so you can feel relieved now.

You will also enjoy the guitars, having memorable riffs and something I've never thought... solos. Yes, and not the typical forced bad sounding guitar leads that pretend to be solos like the ones Job For A Cowboy has mastered. Instead Thy Art Is Murder incorporated proper sounding solos with a punishing guitar tone that will almost bring Behemoth to your mind. Again, THIS IS NO JOKE

Lately the metal scene sees no importance in the bass guitar and these guys have done the same thing. The bass sounds deep but it's nothing that Alex Webster would acclaim.

Last but not least, you have triggered yet very astonishing drum patterns with furious double bass and very solid blast beats. Some breakdowns may appear as well but they don't predominate, so do not worry.

Reluctant tracks: Laceration Penetration, Engineering the Antichrist and Cowards Throne.