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Thy Art have stepped up their game - 92%

jewk, June 6th, 2012

Come on, as they'd only previously released a demo and an EP. You have to give them the band a chance, even though the two previous releases were boring and plain with a total of about 2 decent tracks, they still deserve a chance. The Adversary shows why. It’s fast, aggressive, and technical, I don’t know of any band that has changed their style for the better so quickly. Going from a below average whiney core vocalist, they got a new vocalist. Thy Art now has a lot more to the band, making them more interesting.

Now I’ll talk about the album itself. The first track (excluding the intro ‘Unholy Sermons’) ‘Soldiers of Immortality’, starts off with some nice guitar work, but then speeds up with some technical riff-work and some powerful growling from CJ. You can hear right from the start the amazing work that Lee Stanton has done on the drums, fast and aggressive, the whole album progresses like this, with technical guitaring, fast drumming, and brutal growls. Another thing to mention about the new and improved Thy Art Is Murder is that they actually have PROPER guitar solos, gone from s***ty core solo rip-offs to proper, technical solos. Next song is ‘Laceration Penetration’ which is probably my most favourite of the album, which starts with some chugging along, but then again CJ’s brutal vocals kick in and speed everything up. Lee’s drumming is perfect for the song (and entire album for that matter), with some fast double-bass and speedy drum rolls. About 1:30 into the song is where things start to get insane, Lee’s drumming, technical guitaring and some of CJ’s best vocals following a nice little guitar solo.

Skipping to the end of the album I’ll talk about ‘Cowards Throne’ which is another masterpiece from The Adversary. Starting off great, to ending great; the whole song is technical and brutal from start to finish. CJ’s vocals speed up and down, suiting the music perfectly. Lee pulls off some more amazing work with his drumming, and makes this song even more aggressive. Again, with the guitars, aggressive and technical, changing from your occasional –CHUG-CHUGGA-CHUG-CHUG-CHUGGA-CHUGGA- to your more technicality with the higher strings instead of the lower strings.

All in all, Thy Art Is Murder has done a MASSIVE change from your generic deathcore to some technical death metal/deathcore. The lyrics are the best they’ve written and the vocals bring out the brutality they have put down on their paper. Personally, Thy Art Is Murder done one of the greatest changes I’ve noticed. This album is a definite 9/10 effort.