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Deathcore: What It Should Always Be. - 95%

dorathekiller97, August 14th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2010, CD, Skull and Bones Records

So ill be honest, I'm a big fan of core music. I'm also a big fan of traditional metal music. I like both worlds quite a bit. In both worlds from what I've seen, very little comes close to this behemoth of a record. With 11 tracks and a runtime around 40 minutes (37:28 according to Metal Archives) it's not too long of a record but not ridiculously short. Which is good, as non-core fans will be able to put up with this one. For the simple reasons i will state coming up later on. And 40 minutes is not a very long time.

As you can tell from the title this is my favorite deathcore album. This is heavy and it has breakdowns. It will hit core fans in their soft spots like usual. But this one highly appeals to non-core fans too. With technical guitars, sweeps, drum fills, guttural immense vocals. Very clear elements of death metal and not the usual hardcore aspect you hear in most core music. It's a breath of fresh air breathed directly into the deathcore genre. For the reason being that it's quite unusually technical and more organic than most deathcore albums. Which is really saying something considering all the hate the genre gets.

So whats good about this album opposed to their Thy Art's and other core albums? Let's start with the guitars. Gary Markowski is the lead guitarist for this band. It's sad that he was (reportedly) stealing from the band and got kicked out. Because his guitar playing is phenomenal. Amazing riffs, technical sweeps, ball crushing breakdowns and guitar solos. Very memorable ones. Sean Delander is working in the background as the Rhythm guitarist. Keeping things going as he should, and does a pretty good job with it as well. Neither seems to drag any of the songs down with really annoying breakdowns all over the place and instead makes them feel organic and sound good.

Next the drums. The drums are good. Fast, blast beats and intriguing drum fills. Nothing too groundbreaking here, i'd say its more on the technical side of deathcore drumming. Again there are a ton of moments where the drumming sounds like death metal and not deathcore. So if you enjoy fast paced death metal or deathcore drumming, you will definitely enjoy this aspect of the album. As Lee Stanton obviously knows what he's doing on this record. Drumming is always on-point and doesn't ever feel like its out-of-place or not keeping a proper beat.

The vocals. Monstrous delivery by CJ per usual. The vocals of his seem to improve with each album. However he has something different about this album, and that is the brutal death vocals. (Check Laceration Penetration around the 2:17 mark) he doesn't seem to use these on other albums, if he does they are rare. You can find these a few times on this album. While others only once or twice for a very brief period. I for one really enjoy these. They go together well if they're placed carefully, and not an entire album sounding like this. In this case they're done well. Only problem being his pronunciation. Which a lot of people complained about, but got better with each release.

So whats bad about this album? Not much really, for a deathcore album there is usually a glaring flaw that's obvious to most people. Here there isn't much. But nothing is without flaw. The bass on this record is hard to hear. I always love to hear this bass on metal records whatever they might be. But here you cannot hear it well mostly due to how it was produced. Not that the production is bad per say. But it's just not the best. The production seems to enhance the guitars, drums, and vocals quite well. It just minimizes the bass because the other instruments just completely drown it out. Pronunciation is another issue with this album as I stated earlier. CJ is another thing. I like being able to understand vocals and I'm actually quite good at it I think. But with this record it is damn near impossible to understand his vocals unless you have the lyrics right in front of you. So unless you get picky about pronunciation or the bass not being very audible then there is really nothing bad about this record.

Go buy it. It's their best and probably always will be. This is worth anyones time if they enjoy heavy ball crushing riffs, drums, and vocals. Which is really what this kind of extreme metal music is about. This album is a 95% for me because the bass is inaudible and the pronunciation is again as I said before quite lacking.