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Giving a good name to Deathcore! - 65%

Tjler, May 27th, 2013

If you like Slam/Brutal Death Metal or Deathcore this is definitely a must album to listen to. If you're a fan of Devourment or Rings Of Saturn this is definitely an album for you, it has technically brilliant riffs and solos, brutal vocals and superb drumming (minus the triggers). The album doesn't have the atmospheric qualities found in their later album 'Hate' but it does have redeeming technicality and original song writing. If you come to this album to look for quality lyrics, you're in the wrong place. The lyrics in my opinion are "try hard", they don't have the brutality found in most Death Metal, and don't have the typical Deathcore lyrics but a failed mix up of both. But who here cares that much about lyrics? Certainly not most of us Brutal Death fans!

Adding a new vocalist was one of the best decisions the band made, they are now brutal as all fuck with some of the best highs and lows found in Deathcore. Some of the over laid vocals work, but than some don't and become to much at once. I feel as if the vocals have had some heavy effects put on them. The song writing is a lot better than on the previous music and is not as repetitive as on their latest album. The guitars blaze through the album with insane riffs and have some beautifully melodic yet technical solos that show that not all Deathcore bands are just Chugga Chug. The drumming is awesome but some of the triggers let it down slightly, sadly the bass guitar isn't prominent enough and takes a back seat compared to the rest of the instruments.

In comparison to their older work it is definitely a major step up and the album can be appreciated by Death Metal and Deathcore fans alike. Sadly only one track stands out to me and this is 'Cowards Throne', the rest of the album to me is great but personally none of the other songs are as memorable as this one. The breakdowns in the album are tasteful and brutal, unlike quite a few of the Deathcore bands out there now. The album gets stale and most songs are very boring in comparison to a lot of other Brutal bands out there.

I personally prefer 'Hate' over this album purely for the vocals being far better and crushing atmosphere it holds, but from a musical and technical standpoint this album is far superior.