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This Is, By Far, Thy Art Is Murder's Best Release - 100%

DarknessShadows666, June 5th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2010, CD, Skull and Bones Records

Thy Art is Murder is a band that I find to be good, but not great. Infinite Death is okay. Hate is good, but not great. However, The Adversary, the record I am reviewing right here is downright awesome. I would even go as far as to say it's perfect. I can't find anything about this album to complain about. It tops Infinite Death and Hate by a long shot. I think Hate is a bit of step down, but it is still a good album nonetheless.

As you can see, they got a different vocalist on this album. Brendan van Ryn, their previous vocalist, left the band. I'm kind of glad. Brendan is a decent vocalist but CJ McMahon, their current vocalist, is so much better. I think CJ is one of the best vocalists in the genre right now (not the best, but one of them). He makes Brendan look like a 9 year old. The vocal styles CJ uses on here are growls, screams, screams layered over growls and gurgles a couple of times on "Laceration Penetration" and "Engineering the Antichrist." All of these vocal styles sound awesome and don't give me anything to complain about.

The guitars are pretty technical with interesting and memorable riffs. They are fast and there are also guitar solos which I personally enjoy. The bass, as expected, is inaudible. Then again, this is deathcore. This shouldn't be a surprise. I've gotten used to inaudible bass and it really bother me. The drums on here are triggered but they are pretty solid. They are fast and powerful with blast beats and double bass. Since this is a deathcore album, it is obvious that there are breakdowns. However, you're wrong if you were expecting a shit storm of them. There are breakdowns in every song but they aren't frequent. This album has more riffs than breakdowns. The breakdowns that do occur are great though.

Not only is CJ a better vocalist than Brendan but he is also a better songwriter. I didn't mind the misogynistic lyrics from Infinite Death. I found them alright. But I prefer the anti-religious/Satanic lyrics on here (the track off of Infinite Death known as "I'll Show You God" is dealing with anti-religious topics but still. The lyrics present here are better). These lyrics interest me more than those of Infinite Death. If you're someone who happens to enjoy anti-religious or Satanic lyrics like I do, then you will like these lyrics. The album gives off an evil vibe that I happen to enjoy. The evilness of this album makes me want to worship the almighty horned one and burn down every church on the planet (well, not really. But you get what I mean).

So overall, this album is amazing with brutal vocals, solid drums, fast and memorable guitar riffs, great breakdowns, interesting lyricism and an evil atmosphere. I would recommend this album to deathcore fans (more specifically fans of bands in the genre like Whitechapel and Carnifex) and even more open-minded death metal fans. It gets a score of 100/100 (10/10) from me. Standout tracks for me are Laceration Penetration, Engineering the Antichrist and Coward's Throne.

Oh, they are also releasing a new album this month called "Holy War." I'm actually excited for that album and I want it to be awesome. Though I hope that for that album, Thy Art is Murder makes it sound more like The Adversary than Hate.