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A heavy hitter in the library of deathcore - 88%

GuardAwakening, October 1st, 2012

Deathcore, that number one hated metal genre. A hybrid between death metal and metalcore. Every metal fan knows of it and let's just say not all of them are too fond of it. But let's be honest, there are a good number of praise-able deathcore acts out there (Veil of Maya, Rings of Saturn, Bleed from Within just to name a few) and there are the ones that fall flat (Emmure, Float Face Down, We Butter the Bread with Butter) but in the midst of it all there are definitely deathcore releases that almost retain as classics even though they were just released 5/4 years ago or so, because after all, deathcore still is a relatively young genre and more bands are being formed of the genre every day. The Infinite Death EP by Thy Art Is Murder almost compliments into being one of these classics and by Thy Art Is Murder's growing success, this EP is still enjoyed by whom that preferred more of their purist deathcore style continues to reign as a recognized release within the genre. Someday it may even surface the boundaries of deathcore glory in the realm of Job for a Cowboy's Doom EP, but let's not speak too soon, young brutal kid.

Within these five tracks, you have what you'd most expect from deathcore; heavy riffs, fast drumming, some blast beats and pack it all up with breakdowns and you're all set, not to mention vocals that alternate between growls and screams — just naming off the typical deathcore formula here. But what really sets this release apart from the whole pack I believe is mainly the production and Brendan Van Ryn's insane voice. Drums come in like a charm, they're smacky-loud and don't overwhelm the guitar work either. Speaking of the guitar work, one of TAIM's most renown techniques lies in Gary Markowski's laser-speed sweeps giving the band another innovation away from the deathcore clones. These kids play like all hell gaining their influences from early Cryptopsy, Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, Necrophagist and See You Next Tuesday and deliver each and every idea into these songs at different variations and intervals.

In terms of vocals, I can ultimately see why this band have had a handful of fans that prefer Van Ryn over CJ McMahon (the band's current vocalist). And although I prefer McMahon more, Van Ryn's deathcore voice sounds completely mad and fits the music into a way that no one else could, his style is described as a "whiny Mitch Lucker" or a "death metal madman" and yet given that he sounds so insane it's almost no wonder there were false Internet rumors floating around about this guy like her murdered his own mum with barbed wire after he left the band, pfft.

Anywhoo, regarding the lyrics, most of them are highly misogynic. Lyrics such as "I'm inflicting bloodshed upon bitches just because I hate the female race", "there's no remorse in my heart, women were born to be fucked", "die you fucking whores, you putrid wastes of space, stop breeding fucking rats you bitches gonna get it" and finally "dumb bitches, fuck, they don't understand. This world does not revolve around them." leads me to ask was this kid just an angry teenager trying to get off some horrible breakups he went through or is he truly in anger at females and actually hates them? Or it could just be a "brutal" concept to write for the EP but whatever these three reasons may be for writing such lyrics, I'll just have to say, putting relentless hate towards women would be the low mark for this EP. Probably my least favorite thing at that, he could have been a tad more creative and not have made such a controversial move.

Overall this release is packed with five extremely fun songs. If deathcore with neat sweeps and distinct vocals tickle your fancy, Infinite Death is definitely for you and may it live on remembered for years and years on within this genre.