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One great own, one great cover - 85%

Lane, August 16th, 2012

A cheapo 2-song single from Finland's skillful melodic heavy metallers. A good solution, this cheap format, methinks. You can get about 1 half liter beer with a price of two of these in a pub! If you don't like it, why not sell it with a high price to Japan or some other far-away country, as this single is Finland-only?

Anyways, the title track is clipped from the forthcoming album (the 4th one) 'Evolution 4.0'. The band's gotten heavier during their career, and more also heavy metal. '10 000 Ways' is another heavy song, but it features catchy-as-hell chorus. Great guitar crunch! This one rolls like a train.

Hell, someone else too likes Nik Kershaw's 1984 hit 'The Riddle'?! The song's just so fucking English, just like Iron Maiden, Hammer Films and "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet". However, the song is much, much more simple as I remembered (okay, I've listened to the original while drinking like a gnu, but that doesn't mean I remember too much about it, right?!). The reason to that is that Thunderstone are doing it more simple way. Anyways, the song rocks.

While the guys are very skilled, it is Pasi Rantanen that truly makes the band great. He's one of the better vocalists in the scene, and probably the best in Finland.

Great opening single from anticipated album.

(originally written for in 2007)