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Thunderor - Fire It Up

All Or Nothing - 50%

Nattskog7, May 14th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, Digital, Boonsdale Records

Jumping into action with a quick bike rev before synth-laden riffs and pounding drums punch into a rocking groove with melodious vocals, instantly giving us a quite catchy and classic heavy metal sound. The bass lines have a warm tone that adds a nice depth to the overall mix which is clear and allows for the bands full array of sounds to be heard without strain. There is definitely a huge influence from NWOBHM bands but also something quite American about their sound too, perhaps the almost pop-like progressions which have a much cleaner delivery than the gritty NWOBHM edge would typically use. There is something noticeably off-kilter between the band which sadly can render some of the more anthemic choruses to feel a bit directionless. The actual musicianship is good, the production works but the songwriting and execution is a bit lacklustre in some parts. Thankfully the band do partially overcome this with a clear love of what they are doing and extremely fun tracks. After the unsure, but not terrible beginning, “All Or Nothing” feels like a perfect title for the blistering number that comes next. Not only is it faster and harder but just better than the first couple of songs, which weren’t bad but felt a bit like something was being held back, thankfully to be unleashed.

All of the momentum is instantly lost on “Dangerous Times” which feels like an out of key Rainbow tribute. Picking up once again on the track “Thunderor” it is a pattern we can hear throughout the record, some really cool songs between some tepid ones. The vocals still feel a bit out of sync with the rest of the band, but on these more punchy songs it doesn’t totally spoil things. In fact, it can add a sort of charm to it, but that is very limited to the songs that actually have some heaviness. Here we get about 3-4 cool heavy metal songs, a couple of alright fillers and a couple of tracks that really didn’t fit well. Naturally, this is just my opinion, I think synth-pop / light rock lovers will really dig these very tracks! But for me, I am here for heavy metal which is present, but not dominant enough for my own taste. “Into The Storm” rules, more of that next time please, the guitarist is absolutely the highlight of this record. So in summary, a good Rock album? Pretty much. A great heavy metal one? Not really… All hope isn’t lost, but I doubt this is the best they have to offer.

Clearly this music is meant to be fun, 80s nostalgia and a love-letter to old heavy metal and hard rock bands of the glory days. On some levels it works, on a few it does not. At face value this is an enjoyable and fun album, that deserves a listen and will likely appeal to a lot of fans of the NWOTHM, however it isn’t convincingly old sounding, rather a synth-pop and heavy metal fusion that has plenty of good ideas but maybe could’ve been condensed into an EP and made far more direct with less focus on the catchiness and more on the heaviness. I will be keeping an ear out for more Thunderor as I think with the right adjustments, they could be a really cool band! But this debut had only a few songs that really did it for me. ‘Til then, definitely give Skull Fist a spin cos they rule!