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Thunderkraft - Totentanz - 60%

Orbitball, May 27th, 2012

If you wish to hear some annoying metal, Totentanz is it for you. All of the effects I didn't dig whatsoever. If they kept it to just the guitars with all hoarse vocals, then it would've gotten a better rating from me. Industrial metal I'm just not into really. I don't like anything other than the guitar, intense vocals and solid production sound. This album does have a strong production, but the music or I should say the accompanying music to the guitars, should be erased.

I didn't quite like the multiple vocal outputs. Some were just irritating as hell. The guitar riffs feature palm muted frenzies along with chord progressions. The keyboards and flute really need to go though. They really ruined the guitars. A miserable release to listen to. The only thing that they have good to offer are the guitar riffs. The leads are insane too. Really technical and well played out. The vocals too need to feature just one album member, not multiple ones.

The keyboards really got on my nerves and like I said ruined the release. The intro effects to some songs were distasteful and totally uncalled for. There are clean guitar bits here too that are played out well though and the guitar is solid. The only thing good about this release ARE the guitars. Total talent that deserves praise. The combination of hoarse throat alongside screaming didn't mesh well. If they kept it to deep throat then it would've suited the music better.

I'm not a big fan of industrial metal like I said so of course some bias does exist with me. But really, to talk about the guitar here is the best thing to discuss. The riffs are original sounding and the tempos aren't that fast, more groove laden. The leads are blistering and played with precision. The main guitars are strong and build this release up. Too bad that they included multiple vocalists. The guitar along with hoarse throat would've been the best for the band.

I guess that if you're a fan of industrial metal, then Totentanz hits home for you. Otherwise, I found this release to be putrid because of all of the effects and badly executed effects that go alongside the guitars. The guitars were the highlight here, nothing else. I wouldn't say that this album is wholly original, just the guitar bits. The rest I couldn't really tolerate. I don't plan on getting future releases from this band. I'd like to bury this one in the mud!