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Top quality BM - 95%

Panzram, September 6th, 2005

This album is glorious. This is what good Black Metal bands should all sound like. Speed used properly, drums don't sound out of place, and they're ridiculously fast at times. Chaos Reigns Over Megiddo for example has parts with drums so fast you get confused almost. Riffing isn't boring, fast, appealing and varied. Some riffs are just pure speed, some are a little more jumpy, some are both. Vocals are harsh and stand out yet don't anoy whatsoever. With bands like this it's easy for a singer to just blend in with the song and just make everything boring and faceless, making them just alike 500 other crappy BM bands, but like with any good black metal bands the vocals are used well and not overused. Good musicanship, fitting quality, great writing, This album is simply brilliant. Thunderbolt wins.