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Black Metal as it should be - 96%

Scarred_Soul, March 26th, 2005

Holy shit why did it take me this long to hear this band? After being intrigued by a track of theirs on the Night and the Fog compilation I went on a search to find more, but I did not expect them to be this good.

The band sounds like a mix of many bands including emperor, and dissection with a few of their own touches. One of the best things about this album is that the band isn’t afraid to stray from standard black metal sounds

First of all the production here is excellent. This album just reeks of
atmosphere that can rarely be matched in this field of music. Every instrument is heard clearly yet retains a raw cold sound about them. The guitars sound very powerful and epic at times. The riffage is truly excellent and fairly technical at times. The drums sound a lot like Dissection’s did on Storm of The Lights Bane with a little more oomph into them at times. The vocals are very reminiscent of early Dissection as well. They are very cold and aggressive and many of the words can be understood.

One thing that I like a lot about this band is their excellent use in including calmer songs into the mix. For example Shadows of The Deepest Night opens up as a very beautiful folk track with acoustic guitars. The drums soon kick in and sounds like something one would expect to find on a Falkenbach release.

This band is a must to check out if you have not already. If you are weary of NS bands, don’t let this stop you as you will be missing out on something really special.