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Through the Pain > Time Heals Nothing > Reviews > Slater922
Through the Pain - Time Heals Nothing

An embarrassment to DSBM - 20%

Slater922, June 11th, 2020

Depressive-suicidal black metal (or DSBM for short) is a more depressed version of black metal. The first DSBM song I've listened to was "Time Heals Nothing" from the German band Through the Pain. I thought the song was decent overall, and decided to check out their debut album. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I was mind blown by how awful it was. I try not to be too harsh on debut albums, but they could've done better.

One major problem of the album is the repetition. By that, I mean all the songs sound the same. They start off with a slow guitar riff with lots of distortion. As the song progress, the guitar increases in speed while Bael'vect screams his head off. Then, halfway through the song, they stop to have some sort of powerful moment before going back to what they were playing before. I am not kidding when I say all of the songs on this album sound exactly like that. The only different being that they play in slightly different tempos. It's like the band only played one song, then copy and pasted it three more times with only minor changes, then called it a day.

Another problem is Bael'vect's vocals. Black metal is known for having high-shrieking vocals, but here, it's just screams. What makes this problematic is that Bael'vect doesn't try to make something out of it, so it sounds unnecessary. One example of this is in the song "No Way Out". It sounds like all the other songs on this album, but the atmosphere on this song is more depressing. Bael'vect could've sung a poetic story about depression and suicide, but that would've took effort. Bael'vect's screams are forced and unnecessary, and should've been cut out in the final product.

If I had to pick one good song off the album, it would be "Time Heals Nothing". Once again, it follows the same tiring formula, but the way it sounds makes it feel like the band had actually put some effort into it. The guitar riffs offer a different sound with more distortion, giving it more of a black metal feel. Bael'vect's vocals also have some purpose, as they flow well through the progressing instruments. However, the break in the middle of the song is probably one of the most powerful moments on the entire album. The slow-paced guitar followed by Bael'vect's screams of agony bring an atmosphere of hopelessness and anger. I was dumbfounded by this, as by that point, I've basically gotten used to the repetitive formula. Overall, I would give this song a 90%. I would give it a higher score, but it uses the same formula again, though executed in a better way.

Every genre I've listened to has some bad albums, but they also include some good albums. However, after hearing this, I thought that all DSBM sounded like this. It wasn't until I listened to Xasthur and Thy Light that I got to hear what good DSBM sounds like. Here, I'm not sure what direction the band was trying to go for. It doesn't work as DSBM, it doesn't work as bringing awareness to suicide and depression, and even though it includes a couple of emo elements, it isn't even good at that either! I'm kinda glad that the band eventually broke up and moved on to better things, because while they had some interesting ideas, the execution was awful.