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Very enjoyable... - 90%

orodoven, August 29th, 2004

Throne of Ahaz was one of those little known black metal bands in the early nineties, but that was very competent in their trade. This second release is on par with their excellent first one "NiIfelheim". The production isn't as raw, but cold enough for this type of music. The songs are very good grim black metal, with subtle almost epic melodies, thrashy riffs, nice changes and killer vocals. On this release Throne of Ahaz really matured in their songwriting skills, writing actual structured songs that stay interesting throughout the whole album, a rare feat in black metal.
Actually this album is a good overview of Scandinavian black metal pre -1995. Sure nothing is groundbreaking, and that's maybe why Throne of Ahaz won't be remembered as a big league black metal band, but damn, this is one very enjoyable album from start to finish. Even their Black Sabbath cover of "Black Sabbath" slays. Not the most essential of releases, but get it if you find it.