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Another hidden gem! - 96%

BugsBunny, May 22nd, 2008

These guys came out of nowhere, released one album and forever disappeared never to return again. That's too bad because they had potential to become huge. Throes Of Sanity plays traditional US power/heavy metal but with one main difference: they did it with style! They knew how to make melodies that will stick to your head forever and make you cry out of joy!

When you first hear the voice of Scott King you'll immediately raise your fist in the air and feel your heart pumping blood faster! Yes, this guy will make you proud for listening to metal music in general. His voice is so positive and enthusiastic that will give you some "life energy" that won't ever fade! Most of the time he sings high-pitched type of vocals but ocasionally he lower his voice down just to keep it with the music. Also, he often uses screams that gives the songs that "true heavy metal" edge. Guitarists, Erik Petersen and Marc Wallace, are simply amazing! They non-stop play some great melodic parts and the songs are always interesting (never gets boring). Although their riffs won't make you head-bang heavy, they certenly know how to "write" good riffs (main riff in "This Side Of The Grave" is very simple yet effective and sounds somehow "subtle"). Melodies are just amazing (just listen to "Never Look Back" or end part of the epic "Content Within"). Even solos are melodic and charming and fit perfectly in the song structure. Bass player, Phil Tsai, is truly great! The sound of his bass is a little bit thin but he still manages to put out some very nice and "jazzy" bass lines in almost every song making them sound more powerful and dynamic. The same thing goes with the drummer, Jeff Winston, who is not satisfied with just "following the guitars" but he takes active role in creating band's overall sound with few (but relatively short) solo parts. Maybe he's not the fastest or most brutal drummer you'll ever hear but he's just great! Every single song here is god's gift to all power metal freaks out-there and every each of them is amazing, melodic and will put you in positive mood after every listen! The only tiny-miny thing that i found odd here is that riff in "Core" is very similar to Metallica's "One", i know they didn't done it intentionaly but it's just something i could not notice...

So, why they didn't make it to the wider audience? Reason is always the same: wrong place - wrong time. Generally, i don't agree with the claims that heavy, "true" and power metal were dead in the mid 90s just because Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Manowar and Judas Priest didn't release any album or released
some shity "below average" stuff. There were ALWAYS great traditional metal bands but the only difference is that in some periods of time they were mainstream, in some other periods of time they were underground... Also, another reasons for their "commercial failure" are: not-so-impressive cover artwork, very limited CD edition, "grunge-supreme"... If you're looking for some high-class US power metal, Throes Of Sanity will definetely please you!