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Excellent but repeative atmospheric dark metal - 87%

PseudoGoatKill, August 21st, 2005

Aww hell no, fuck no! I was told by alot of people that if I enjoyed Tiamat's "Wildhoney" and the band Samael that I'd thoroughly enjoy this album. Let this be listen to you all, never allow someone to convince you that a certain album sounds similar to another one. Now I get to describe the music on this album.

Technically for the style that this band plays the music is pretty good. The guitars play plenty of soft licks and melodies and manage to toss in some more semi-brutal chunks spread throughout the songs. The drumming mantains a harmony along with the other instruments and doesn't do its own thing ever in a song. The keyboards provide some decent atmospheric effects and also some pretty nifty musical intwinings and interludes. The vocals, which are mostly done in a softly growled/rasped voice manage not to be annoying and stupid. It's also worth noting that the guitar solos although very basic up the scale and chorus repeat riffing do fit the music very well.

My biggest problem with this album is that the songs basically sound the same. On the surface the band uses differant riffs, licks, melodies and harmonies. Dive down deeper and you'll find this similar structure throughout the song.

Intro with keyboards, or guitar or keyboards and guitar. Music paces up. Vocals kick in for awhile. Enter guitar solo and or keyboard solo, enter vocals again, enter another solo. enter vocals and then solo, end song. Repeat this 9 times, follow directions as necessary.

Hopefully this album was just a fluke and the band was better on their older releases.

Quicksilver Clouds from a techinical standpoint-95/100
Quicksilver Clouds from my own personal enjoyment - 80/100
Total score - 87/100