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Threnody > Internal Infestation > Reviews
Threnody - Internal Infestation

Death Metal from Reading from 1990 - 81%

Goatfangs, December 17th, 2018

The death metal scene in and around the Reading, Pennsylvania area has a long history. While digging through the Archives for bands I might have overlooked in preparation for the Second Diamhea Review Challenge, I came across a band that released one demo way back in 1990. This was amazing to find, but even more so was that it was conveniently posted for download on a certain dark corner of the internet.

The production overall is pretty clear, which is surprising since this is a demo from 1990 from a band that was in Reading, Pennsylvania. This isn't exactly Sweden. There is a filthy rawness present, and in terms of production my only complaint is that during the song Asphyxiation there is a brief moment where it sounds like it was recorded underwater. Fortunately, this error does not repeat and the rest of the demo maintains a consistent sound. The overall volume is relatively quiet, but nothing a crank of the volume knob can't fix.

The quality of the riffs and songwriting is very impressive as well. The style seems to pick from a diverse array of sources – I honestly thing this demo sounds more like Swedish death metal than American death metal, with a touch of Slayer and Morbid Angel in the riffage as well. The solos range from mid-paced thoughtful compositions to chaotic Slayer-like shreds.

The drumming and bass is pretty decent as well. The bass can be hard to hear because of the raw production, but during Internal Infestation it is given a chance to be heard clearly. The vocals are low and guttural. The drums often provide a regular stomp through each song and are somewhat low in the mix.

This demo is far from perfect. But, considering this seems to be the start of the Reading, Pennsylvania death metal story, it is a very exciting demo to listen to. That it isn't lost in some closet never to be heard again is amazing, especially considering that this is almost 30 years old. Someone felt these songs were great enough to share and immortalize on the internet. Frankly, I agree.