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Still better than the trash ball from Anthrax. - 40%

Kritik, December 6th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2016, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

This album is the exact definition of a bad album. Everything is so cliché to the point that you shouldn't take it seriously at all. The point is that I'm pretty sure the band doesn't take itself seriously, so why would you?

Let's start by all that is wrong with this release. The drums are probably what is the most detrimental to the songs here. They’re always played fast and seem to repeat indefinitely. They even sound alike throughout the entire album.

The guitar is always using exchangeable riffs and is again just played fast and furiously without any kind of direction. The bassist is basically inaudible most of the time. The production is seriously lacking depth and sounds like a big wall of sound and that's all.

Somewhat, all of this is not enough to completely bore you. The general atmosphere and stupid songwriting subjects make for quite the wild and funny ride. You will at least have a smile on your face if you are not trying to analyse what you are listening to too much. The vocalist in particular uses the same kind of vocals as Over Kill's singer. It’s the infamous Donald Duck singing style. Of course, objectively, it couldn't be a worse decision, but in terms of fun factor, they nailed it completely.

There are numerous speeches about the different song subjects that give some much-needed pauses to the wall of sound and they always sound on point, even if again, they also sound completely stupid and random.

In conclusion, it's a bad album from any objective view, but it's still funny enough to not bore anyone, and just because of that, it's certainly not as bad as it seems.