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A Cult Classic - 75%

EvilAllen, August 12th, 2019

Thou Shalt Suffer, probably disbanded a long time ago, happened to be long-obscured project from Norway. And features some of the greatest, yet underrated musical concepts in the buried metal scene. However, I'm sure there's a few different releases by other bands, that share something nearly the same, which can go toe-to-toe with this band's particular release. And in some cases, perhaps do better. Though, it's worth noting that this release is far from being garbage, but as the only full-length record (that we know of) by this band, it's pretty solid and nonetheless, a "standard" release in its own right.

I've known about Thou Shalt Suffer for quite a long time. And a massive amount of people who know Emperor, likely know of Thou Shalt Suffer. All one has to do is just do some deeper research, and you'll find yourself (possibly) loving this long-forgotten album. Most people these days just stream records that are too rare or expensive through online sources, YouTube being a primary source for those options, naturally. My first impression(s) of this album's theme, a little quiet, but as it started to build itself up, it reminded me of the ol' 1960's Gothic drama, known as "Dark Shadows". It would have been suitable for these tracks to be placed into the background, faintly. You know, it's a damn shame that "real" quality releases, like this, are always so, so buired underneath modern filth and trash that most music industries just force upon us. Absolutely disgusting!

I understand and I'm aware that anyone who knows of my writing and the reviews I write, have been stale for a long time. But again, I'm not making this about me. I'm making a legit statement really fast. I'm really trying to write accurately with some very in-depth points of the band, this release and other related-sources. Without the "boring" crap I spew. Anyways... This record was released in the cold months of 2000. How it seems scary that even the early '00's seem so far away now. This album presents some really horrifying tunes. The music is as cold as one could expect from Thou Shalt Suffer. It's got a "primitive" atmosphere. And it delivers some of the best music that wasn't released in the 1990's. It's music like this, which makes the fact less scary that the '90's ended.

The production of this mighty release is practically clean, especially for the lack of decent software back then to create these orchestral themes. You can't tell me that these weren't made using VST plugins, could you? That would be quite a lot of cash, even for it being a release that happened to be out in 2000. Trumpets play a massive role on this album. They're the replacements for that of a bass guitar. The violins play such an amazing, yet chilling and abhorrent tone, that you would think a child could possibly suffer from nightmares generated through literal fear. Pianos have their own vital role, too. High-toned keys being played to keep the listener(s) on his/her toes throughout the album. This music shouldn't make anyone feel "depressed". But it should create a strong interest of "awareness" and should strike fear upon those who're easily frightened by virtually anything. The music is unpredictable. I can also assume, though that this band are forgettable, and I don't even mean to be rude (it's just kind of true), I'm sure you'll find this release, after you listen to it, will be unforgettable.

This isn't a typical "metal" album. So, it happened to be "tricky" for me to write about. Though, I like to suggest that my thoughts and opinions did pretty well. If I am ever able to find this CD online or at a CD shop, I'm quite willing to spend money on a physical version of it. I hate streaming through YouTube and other various websites, simply because, to me, it feels..."non-authentic", you know? This is probably one of the best, classical-themed releases I've ever heard, and in the buried metal scene itself. It's truly a sight to behold with your ears. It's a shame that it never became more than it did. Anything related to Gothic literature, like vampyres, werewolves, love 'n' death...drama etc, etc, this would be entirely suitable to set the mood for some ideas to write about (like a book). I also picture, if these tracks were to be placed onto a screen, it would have to be shown through an ol' '60's camera filter, of a "blue" tint. To give it a "retro" aspect. This release came at a much later time in life, but nonetheless, serves as an "authentic" vintage piece. And it has aged enough in itself to be classified as a "vintage" piece.