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Keep thy Sabbath holy! - 20%

caspian, September 17th, 2010

Both Thou and Sabbath come under the rather broad category of 'bands I enjoy/respect but can never be arsed listening to', I dig the former's take on sludge, and Sabbath have a few songs that I really enjoy (and they're very influential, and Iommi is god!!! Dio! Geezer! etc etc etc.). Well OK, i basically just play Electric Funeral, After Forever and Children of the Grave about a million times each and then just put on another band. Anyway, you only need to be a casual fan of either band to look at this EP and go "Really? Why?".

I mean sure, if Thou wanted to pay tribute and stuff I certainly wouldn't blame them for playing a bunch of Sabbath stuff at a gig. Some of it would fit well, and this EP would probably sound at least OK at a really massive volume. Cranking it on headphones though leaves one rather puzzled. How is this an improvement on the originals? Why would Thou waste time/money and go into a studio and record this?

Put simply, this is basically a very distorted take on the originals, with the singer screaming (sounds really bad on Black Sabbath- the song) instead of Ozzy's vocals- I always thought it'd be hard to make the vocals worse on an Ozzy era cover, but here I'm proven wrong. What is the point of this, seriously? These songs do not work as sludge songs! I'm sure there's one or two examples elsewhere that would prove me wrong, but you can't just grab a song, put heaps of distortion on it, scream on it and call it a day!

I know I'm stating the obvious here but this really sucks, if you're a big Black Sabbath you'll probably be really offended and if you're a big Thou fan then they've done much better stuff elsewhere. This EP doesn't need to exist and I'm surprised it does.