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Incredibly unique album for Thou - 85%

PigottFence432, August 9th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Inconsolable is an extremely unlikely album to have been written by Thou, generally a raucous and noisy sludge metal band from Louisiana. But, despite the bizarre nature of this release within their discography, they have pulled it off with tremendous skill and nuance. The record is completely devoid of what make Thou Thou, and I like it all the more for it.

For a band whose music is almost wholly bereft of melody, they pull that off incredibly well. Each and every track has a melodic hook that evokes such emotion, ranging from tranquility and calm on the opener "The Unspeakable Oath" to unease and uncertainty on a track like "Into the Scourge Pit." Additionally, from what I can tell, each track has a guest vocalist and they all do an impressive job. One of my absolute favorite vocal moments on the album is the chorus of "The Hammer." That part gets me every single time.

The musicianship and overall songwriting on this album is also not to be overlooked. The instrumentals behind the beautiful vocals are honestly sometimes even catchier than the vocals themselves. Production is top-notch and the guitar takes center stage, with only sparse use of drums and other instruments.

Overall, Thou have piqued my interest for the upcoming full-length, Magus (which I've had pre-ordered since the day I knew of its existence). Apparently, that album is going to be a culmination of the three EPs they've released in the months prior. Even if that album sucks (which it won't), this EP is still probably enough to tide me over until they release something else that is at least as equally as stunning as this one is.