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Thorr's Hammer > Dommedagsnatt > Reviews > overkill666
Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt

Thorr's fuckin' Hammer! - 95%

overkill666, July 20th, 2009

Man, it’s always a shame to see such great bands break up early in their careers. Such is the story with Thorr’s Hammer. As their vocalist was only an exchange student, they were unable to keep it together when she left the United States for Norway. Thorr’s Hammer is really the essence of great death/doom metal. It’s easy to get lost in this stuff.

Thorr’s Hammer is a forest of sound and atmosphere. It’s easy to get lost in the sound. Each track has that ability to make me sit back in my chair, shut my eyes, and lose myself in the music. I can’t say that for many bands, so it’s a very positive thing. The tone of the guitar is so thick and meaty, it causes the vibrations to be soothing in a way. Though, this isn’t soft lounge music. You won’t hear this in an elevator either (though that’d be awesome). The riff work is slow like many doom metal bands, but has the pace to where it isn’t boring. It doesn’t just drone on. Also, the way the bass guitar juts into the mix is well done. It pops up and just makes the sound that much heavier. I wish I could get my bass guitar to sound like these death/doom bands. It’s the epitome of heaviness. The interesting thing about Thorr’s Hammer is that the death metal and doom metal are at a 50/50 in equality. There’s just as much death metal as there is doom, so nothing is overwhelmed. ‘Troll’ is a great example where both genres shine through.

Lastly, the vocals. They’re good enough to get their own paragraph, so a lot of detail must go into it yes? Well, as you can tell from their page, it’s a woman doing vocals. I’ve heard a lot of people make the argument that women are only used in metal for commercial purposes, and therefore they are mediocre. Runhild Gammelsæter is an awesome vocalist, to put it simply. Her vocal work is just as heavy as any man who could’ve joined the band. She puts many other female vocalists to shame. I really like her style, the brutish death grunts really give the music an edge. She sounds like many of the vocalists from the 1980’s death metal scene.

Thorr’s Hammer is an amazing band. Everything about them just has a vibe that I can connect to. Right down to their lyrical interests, they are a very cool band. This is death/doom that doesn’t bore me stiff. That’s quite hard to find nowadays. This is an old school gem.