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Thorr's Hammer > Dommedagsnatt > Reviews > caspian
Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt

Female Fronted Metal that isn't Shit- Part 3 of 4. - 89%

caspian, March 24th, 2008

Thorr's Hammer only released one EP but it's still a pretty important beast- SOMA's and Greg's first (or at least one of his first) project, a female singer, which as far as I know was pretty unique for a doom band to have at the time- it still is, really- and the whole thing was basically a prototype doom/death/sludge thingy that's gone on to influence quite a few bands since.

Of course, importance, uniqueness and influence don't always indicate quality- just because you're the first doesn't necessarily mean you're any good. Luckily, Thorr's Hammer seem to be quite competent at what they do, using a fairly simple structure- get one riff, two at most and then just do some variations on it- and applying it extremely well. Certainly everything is pretty lean and focused- the guitars rarely do much except trudging along with slow, deadly downtuned slo mo riffs, the bass not really doing anything except providing some really, really low frequency fuzz, and the drums in particular doing a great job, just ticking along, somehow tight and loose at the same time. It's definitely an example of the understated but still solid musicianship that's required in these kind of bands- an impeccable command of atmosphere, and highly disciplined playing, everything perfectly in it's place- the deadly (and absolutely HUGE) ending of Dommedagsnatt in particular being a great example.

The vocals deserve a mention, obviously. Certainly it's surprising that the epic guttural vocals are supplied by a female, the fact that it's a 17 year old Norwegian (and an extremely attractive one at that) means that one could almost consider it a gimmick- if the vocals weren't freakin' awesome, that is. Fact is that the guttural vocals are quite epic, and the sung/chanted vocals are also excellent, everything fitting perfectly with the churning downtuned riffs.

Overall there's really not that much else to say- a solid doom death sort of thing that crushes pretty freaking hard. Definitely worth owning if you like your metal slow and brutal.