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Different Kinds Of Death Metal Here! Good!! - 85%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 19th, 2008

“I hope will find this comfortable”.

This is the hilarious intro to this very good piece of furious death metal. Actually Thorium plays different kinds of death metal, from the American one to the Swedish, always being quite original and catchy. So prepare yourselves to be annihilated by the unexpected blast beats like in “Crest For War” or find more Swedish guitar parts (“Abomination OF God”).

The production is not clean like in Swedish tradition but not even dirty, it’s more obscure and really as heavy as a stone. They achieved the goal of recording very catchy songs with an high dose of brutality. “Crypt Of Chaos” reminded me early Deicide while “Impaled” is more grindish with the endlessly sung refrain. The vocals are great, always growly but comprehensible with very sick peaks.

“Betrayed By God” has all the elements to be considered a true Swedish one, very similar to The Duskfall sound with some excellent, not too exposed melodies. “Countless To Die” is fucking heavy with a panzer intro and lots of stop’n’go. Brutal. “Desecrating The Graves” is pure blasphemy in music; the following “Dawn Of Flames” is pure melodic death metal! Check out the beginning made of tapping melodies on the guitars.

The excellent and faster Deicide cover, “Lunatic Of God Creation”, played with the same malevolence and blasphemy, ends a good death metal album. Recommended for those who are not stuck in a singular death influence. For all tastes, in this genre obviously.