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Rabbit Steps... - 91%

InsaneCancer, September 10th, 2009

For those that are not familiar with This is past. He is a one man solo project from Athens, Greece. A very obscure underground band or rather musical artist, I was fortunate enough to somehow stumble upon his music on myspace and since then I've been interested in his work. And when I finally after about a whole year of trying to get a hold of this record, I can say I'm very well pleased with it. By far one the best albums I've heard in a couple of years.

Alice in Uglyland is definitely not your traditional black metal nor would I necessarily call this metal in most terms. Its mixed styles seems to dwell more on the psychedelic-deranged dark experimental side. As well as the thought-conveying instrumental side. It has black metal elements which could very well be considered under black metal along with the sound. But to be captured by it all as a category spectrum, the music itself as a whole is hard to explain.

Heavy notes, distorted chords create an uneasy atmosphere that invite the listeners into Uglyland. It reminded me of someone who is suffocating into a nightmare, in which they're losing their senses from a slow deteriorating death. On the opening of track one, 'By the Death Bed' Alice's faint creepy voice is in the background. Welcoming whomever is knocking on the door to enter. TIP's singing er..growling vocals are difficult to distinguish, slow muddled anguish type cries, that sound almost like he's going completely insane at times. Yet still in a sort of balance. The delusional vocals fall in line with psychotic lyrical settings. All meeting the demented and further disturbing themes of Alice's mind. 'Jesus' and 'Dead Mother' definitely bring out the more blacker elements here. I loved 'Mad Hatters Final Show', although it being one of the longest tracks on this album (instrumental with a poem-writing) still very good, he uses various instruments including an accordion, guitar, I'm supposing a few synths and possibly an organ. Notable tracks: By the Death Bed, Swimming in Tears (interesting synth-guitar sound), Dead Mother, Leave me Alone, Jesus, Mad Hatters Final Show.

I don't want to ruin everything on this record, but overall I can say this is sure to please those that are looking to hear something different in the style of black metal or in the psychedelic ambient/rock genre. Also reminds me of a black metal version of The Legendary Pink Dots, minus the accent. This is not for everyone but I do recommend it for those with a free or open mind. Definitely worth checking out. I'd definitely keep this and call this an Art piece in the Ugly world of Wonderland.