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Great Melodic Death - 87%

GuntherTheUndying, December 28th, 2006

A Canorous Quintet was one of the most important bands to emerge from Sweden in the early 1990's to help form the Gothenburg scene along with At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. Unfortunately, A Canorous Quintet was the only band out of the four not to gain worldwide success and they soon disbanded in 1998. After the disbanding, several members of the band formed and joined a handful of projects including Sins Of Omission and Amon Amarth, but most of these bands just collapsed and A Canorous Quintet decided to reform in 2005. The reformed band changed their name to This Ending and released their first album in over eight years, "Inside The Machine."

What can you expect from the previous incarnation of a Gothenburg juggernaunt? Well, some heavy melodic death metal, that's what! The melodic riffs from This Ending's previous form still remain strong within the band as Linus Nirbrant and Leo Pignon whip out riffs that contain melody and a hint of brutality. Some of the songs have a nice touch of thrash to add some intensity in the riffs, yet they always manage to sound catchy and melodic. The leads are much more exciting and agile than other Gothenburg bands because they contain elements of speed and might that most melodic death bands lack.

Mårten Hansen's vocals are a superb part of "Inside The Machine." Hansen is similar to other melodic death singers due to his style of using death growls that sound somewhat clear and easy to understand. My favorite part of his vocals is the backing effect used during the course of the album; the backing vocals add a forceful element to the melody and they always manage to sound powerful and strong. I've heard many vocal performances by Hansen, and this is one of his best.

"Inside The Machine" is a delightful comeback record. Being a big fan of A Canorous Quintet, I can say this is a damn good album. This Ending's debut is certainly a great listen and I highly recommend it to melodic death fans.

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