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One Of The Band's Best - 92%

Harry_gr, July 9th, 2005

On their 1983 Thunder And Lightning album Thin Lizzy flirt with heavy metal to great results. If you listen to Jailbreak (1976), perhaps the band’s best album, you’ll notice many differences. On this one there aren’t many experimentations, cowboy themes and funky-like sounds. Here you’ll find in your face hard rock-heavy metal. However, the characteristics of Thin Lizzy are still evident. Phil Lynott’s emotional songwriting and singing, drama and really good melodies. What more could you want?
The record kicks off with Thunder And Lightning, the band’s heaviest song, and gives you an idea of what’s to follow. Fast, heavy, melodic, with heavenly chorus, a true standout. The rest of the record features excellent songs. This Is The One is very melodic and has one of the best choruses you’ve heard for a long time. The Sun Goes Down is slower, more synth-based, but with some great solos and creates a very nice atmosphere. The Holy War is very mood lifting and can be heard really easily. Though an ‘easy’ song it’s an amazing one with very nice solos and a killer chorus as always,
Cold Sweat is a great hard rock song. Very heavy, with its driving rhythm, riff and catchiness it sticks in your head. The rest of the album is that good too. To those unfamiliar with the band’s sound, Thin Lizzy are a unique group, very heard to categorize. Phil Lynott is a great composer, very emotional and inspired. Thunder And Lightning is an easier album to start with as it’s more accessible. You’ll be taken away by its guitars (also thanks to the great John Sykes) and melodies. The lyrics are interesting too. If you love hard rock, you can’t go wrong with this one.