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Won't be long 'til summer comes - 100%

caspian, December 27th, 2010

Guitar hero: Metallica, the radio, my dad playing the shit out of various "great beer songs" compilations, my dad's friends playing similar compilations, various TV shows playing clips-just-short-enough-so-we-don't-have-to-pay-royalties, yeah, "BOYZ" as I will now refer to it is a pretty massive fucken tune. It's one of those songs that deserves to be really big. One of those rare classic rock tunes that almost lives up to that tired, lame old cliche of "they don't make music like they used to".

The sublime bass line, the drums doing that cool hi-hat close thing- I think most people cream over the dual guitar lines, and while they are rad for me it's the hella chilled Lynott doing his thing over the verse. Good memories of getting hungover around christmas with this song, Black Night, Copperhead Road, shit like that; this was definitely the best of those tunes but. Strong chorus, a neat solo, sweet ass dual guitar lines. The perfect summer tune, and with the perfect summer weather, the cricket on and me already on my 6th beer (it's 9am XD ) this just fits super fucken well. Think I'll buy jailbreak today, actually, and put it on for tonight's roadtrip.

Emerald's almost as good and I gotta wonder why I haven't heard this earlier and why I haven't bought Thin Lizzy's entire discography already! Just this catchy as hell riff, far heavier than I expected, this surging heavy/doom riff with Lynott's typically brilliant "imma stoned irishman" vocals going over the top and a really neat instrumental section- Lizzy have always done a rad job of going off for a solo section. In general it's just rousing as hell and really freakin good.

All in all, if you can find this single like me and my other reviewer has I suggest you buy it [/deadpan face], BOYZ deserves it's classic status, and while Emerald isn't as immediately accessible it's still a great song, by a great band at the peak of their powers. Now to download, er, buy Jailbreak!!

I’ve Heard This Song Hundreds Of Times… - 70%

OzzyApu, December 27th, 2010

…And that’s when I’m not the one choosing to do so. On television, the internet, movies, and in the rare instances that I turn on the radio, “The Boys Are Back In Town” is the go-to for non-Lizzy fans or for those that like a couple Lizzy albums and don’t know anything else about them. It’s overplayed to death much like Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”, but while “Iron Man” is a garbage track, this one is still a fun one. Yes, it’s very straightforward, repetitive, and poppy, but it gets the job done by being a loud and proud single. Now “Emerald” I’ve heard it substantially less, and never once have I heard it on any other form of media aside from my computer (and maybe a Lizzy video here and there).

For Lizzy’s most famous track, you can enjoy it for what it is. Strip all the background from it (regarding how overplayed it is) and you get a jolly hard rock song with a boisterous performance by Lynott and crew wailing heavily, particularly during the chorus. That chorus I swear will never get out of your head, but neither will the infectious riffs, energy, or commanding power the band holds. It’s short but also kind of long considering how much is relied on the chorus.

Personally I think “Emerald” is a great track that is pretty well known, but only as one of Lizzy’s lesser hits kind of like “The Sun Goes Down” or something. At least that’s what I think; what I hear is only strident heavy metal that’s both monstrous and beautiful, mainly in the twin lead attacks by Robertson and Gorham. This is probably one of their best performances on Jailbreak, with the beastly solo trade off easily being the high point of the song. The clarity of the guitars, the rupture of the bass, and the calamity brought on by Downey make this one a hectic but precise killer of a track.

So these two aren’t bad tracks, but you’ll definitely get tired of the former. The latter gets love, but as a lesser hit to some people it gets brushed aside in favor of “The Boys Are Back In Town”. After going in depth with hearing Lizzy tunes, I heard “The Boys…” on a documentary, a TV show, and then it played during the ending credits of The Expendables…all on the same day, so I’m done with that song for a while.