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Speed Bump, Or Something More? - 60%

OzzyApu, December 27th, 2010

Oh yeah, Nightlife is done and gone, and Lizzy don’t take their time by unleashing another album the very next year. Some bands will royally screw up if they tried this, but Lynott was able to craft a good number of songs in a short amount of time, hone them in on Lizzy’s sound, and set them loose. “Rosalie” and “Halfcaste” are two very different sounding songs, but more important are the lyrics. Fighting is a genuine band effort, but this single is Lynott’s moment to shine.

The first track I have to give credit to Bob Seger since he is the original performer, but Lynott gets my respect since he adapted it to beat the original recording. “Rosalie” is a short, highly upbeat track with a poppy lead and infectious chorus that’ll make you want to yell along, too. Downey covers well with the club-beat and Lynott’s bass glides heavily; all around this is a fun track that quite honesty requires dancing. It isn’t very profound, but it is light hard rock that the whole band gets in on without going over the top.

Now “Halfcaste” is more important for its lyrics and for Lynott’s somewhat morose delivery. This is a bass and drum centered track, sounding like a level out of Super Mario Sunshine. If I’m correct, Lynott is half Irish and half Latin American, so he puts in some of the latter’s influence, explaining why this sounds nothing like Lizzy’s usual material. Expect a South American jingle with a fat bass line and some jittery percussion along the hi-hat. Lynott’s vocals are touching but not deep or intense (the spoken bits are even less serious), and the guitars are practically absent aside from the chirping.

So one song is about this apparently awesome girl and another is a racial downer about a not-so liked boy. Pretty different lyrically and musically, as I mentioned, but both are Lynott’s treasures and are worth hearing at least once. They won’t blow you away, but “Rosalie” is fun and is the first track on Fighting, so you can’t miss it. To most this is just another speed bump before the next big release, but taking the time to acknowledge these singles enhances the Lizzy experience.