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We Did This Already - 55%

OzzyApu, December 27th, 2010

Not to bash “Little Darlin’”, but Lizzy already had a single that featured a present-Lizzy and a past-Lizzy. As expected, the newer Lizzy track trumps the older one, but this time it isn’t by a wide margin like on the The Rocker single. I’m pretty sure by this point that Lynott and Downey got a hold of Robertson and Gorham, though I could be dead wrong (looks like Robertson on the cover). I’m assuming so because of “Little Darlin’”, and anyone else who knows Lizzy and hears that track will agree that it must be them on it. Lynott wouldn’t be writing something like that if it wasn’t for a kick ass lead to test him.

After hearing slow jams, jazz, blues, and Americana for three albums straight, the title track for this single is one that’s fresh and loud. Lynott finally finds a voice that he can stick with – loud, energetic, thick, and untroubled. He’s wailing and providing a fat bass line, but the brass backing and pop riffs are the keepers for this track – pretty sure that’s Robertson and Gorham tearing it up on both. Downey is smacking the cymbal and toms while rolling between breaks, so all around it’s a loud, boisterous song that’s tons of fun.

The next track, “Buffalo Gal”, is one off Shades Of A Blue Orphanage, which at this point is way out of home turf. It’s a rather long song for a mellow folk tune, with acoustics and a soft lead providing melody and Lynott lightly singing his lines. Downey’s kit is spongy but he’s kicking back and letting the acoustics handle the brunt of the work. I don’t really get Lynott quietly going “buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo…” at certain points in the song. Other than that it’s a straightforward track that is humble but drags. Nothing too special, but for diversity sake is very different from the theatric first track.

If I’m wrong about Gorham and Robertson playing on “Little Darlin’”, then please don’t hold it against me. I don’t have a lot of information to go by aside from their playing styles, which is drastically different from Eric Bell. Just by hearing the two tracks on this single, you can clearly tell what’s new and what’s old. At least the next single gives a clear indication as to who’s playing the music.