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Distinct - 70%

OzzyApu, December 28th, 2010

This single has two distinctions: it’s Lizzy’s only single that accompanies Renegade and it’s Lizzy’s only release for 1982. Pretty empty year when it comes to that, but I have no doubt that they were either touring or in a standstill rotating members before creating the spectacular Thunder And Lightning. Speaking of Hollywood, Lynott himself was a showmanship kind of guy with a personality that went beyond the music. He could have been a celebrity on both spectrums given the right roles, though I doubt he really had that kind of aspiration in mind (stepping outside of music).

Both of these tracks are rockers in that they are simple, effective, short, and fun. Lynott’s got complete control on the mic with spits, howls, and yells for both tracks. He doesn’t sound a bit Irish, as usual, and both choruses are memorable and enjoyable for just about anyone. “Hollywood…” is definitely a stab at the culture of Los Angeles in comparison to New York where things are rougher in a different light. The crispy riff is powerful, but more melody is lent to the gang vocals during the chorus and the blubbery bass during the bridge.

Downey’s snares pound with a boosting force while the cymbals are precise jabs countering the stomping double bass. The production for both songs is high, as usual, with clarity for everyone. “The Pressure Will Blow” is the shorter of the two tracks, but the riffs bend and twitter with the bass for a straightforward melody. The synth solo section is a bit much for an upbeat song like this, but the twin leads following it are amazing (even though they’re still undemanding).

Renegade wasn’t an amazing album, but I don’t brush it off as much as I do with, say, the band’s first two albums. If this single is enough to jolt your interest in Renegade, then follow it, as there are some really good tracks on that album that shouldn’t be forgotten (“Angel Of Death” immediately comes to mind). Everyone has their likes and dislikes, and hopefully there will be something on that album that turns into a “like” for you.