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Lively - 70%

OzzyApu, December 27th, 2010

The Waiting For An Alibi single was fluffy and cool, but this one is upbeat and fun. The cover art alone is one of the better singles covers I’ve seen; dramatic stand-off pose with the boys in that ‘70s plaster tone. “Do Anything You Want To” shows up as the first track on Black Rose, but “Just The Two Of Us” sadly didn’t make it. It’s a great track that’s just as lively as “Do Anything…” and would have been a great addition to the Black Rose album. That album only had nine tracks, and only the last track went beyond five minutes.

“Do Anything You Want To” is the festive, jolly single that was expected, and it doesn’t disappoint being catchy or positive. You get the rubbery bass lines, Lynott’s slippery vocal delivery, backing vocals uplifting the chorus, a bouncy drum rhythm, and eclectic leads to make this one another classic in Lizzy’s catalog. It’s sweet and short, though I question its capabilities at being a single because of the outro. Imagine a really fat bass line slapping the drum kit and just rocking out like that for a minute; you have the outro to the song. Not that I don’t like it, but they could have gone out with a bang, shortening the song and keeping the focus on the livelier section.

“Just The Two Of Us” is much of the same, with a flurry of a melody and the same fat rhythm section. It’s like these guys are trying to capture the innocence of the ‘70s in poppy chords and wailing vocals. Lynott’s getting his rhymes with another love song, but this time the song is a little more straightforward with the fade out method. Before that, the climactic (but brief) solo lets you know the song only ends from here on out.

That makes two fun tracks for this cheerful single; one appears on Black Rose and the other doesn’t. If you get a copy of the Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels compilation then you’ll find “Just The Two Of Us” there, but don’t pass up Black Rose, while you go do that.