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Superfluous - 50%

WARWREN, August 27th, 2009

When I heard that Therion was going to do a release with an orchestra, I got excited. There are incredibly few bands that have any business working with an orchestra. I believe that Therion are one of those few. When the preview clip of Dvorak's 'Symphony No. 9 excerpt' came out, my excitement grew. Unfortunately, reviewing the entire product, it falls short of expectations.

It's a well executed work. However, the band adds little to the classical compositions and the orchestra adds little to the Therion songs. Also, the song selections for both sections is wanting. I'm not a big fan of Wagner and the song selection does nothing to convert me. I can't help wonder why 'Ride of the Valkyres' - certainly Wagner's most famous work - was not included?! After the exciting Dvorak's excerpt, the classical music section loses momentum. And by the last Wagner song, the only thing keeping me awake is that thought that if I wanted so much Wagner I would go out and buy a Wagner CD. The Therion section picks up with a Therion standard - 'Blood of Kingu'. Again, some of the tracks are snoozers. And then a closing with a couple of up-beat standards. Not an impressive set list. Even so, the orchestra serves little more than to provide background abiance.

The rating of 50 is based on a 50/50 chance of whether someone would want to pick this up. I love music DVD's. And I love Therion. So this is an okay addition to my music library. However, this CD + DVD is really only for the true Therion enthusiast. Casual fans need not bother with this release.