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Stepping into a new scene. - 85%

Corimngul, January 3rd, 2005

Therion was going to split up when first this single sold 12.000 copies in Europe without any special promotion and then Lepaca Kliffoth was a big success too. Listening to this single one finds out pretty soon why it sold. Beautifully orchestrated synth-laden heavy metal with a fair portion of ambient music. The title song more or less marks the transition from Therion’s death metal days into the symphonic music. Operatic vocals are featured on both the album tracks and the riffing is as powerful and well thought-out as ever. Evocation of Vovin offers besides a majestic rhythm and crushing riffs also growled vocals in between those of the baritone and the soprano. It symbolizes the shift Therion was going through. It has the extreme metal parts mixed with the more symphonic part. The Veil of Golden Spheres is more of a death metal song, with the usual Egyptian riffs and one strange rhythm that one cannot but like. All in all, this rather rare single offers perspectives from all eras of Therion. Beginning with the later and then working backwards to the Beyond Sanctorum-esque Veil of Golden Spheres.