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Another amazing album - 96%

Theli, April 5th, 2005

I purchased the Lemuria/Sirius B the day it was released in North America. The first thing worth pointing out, and the only flaw with the whole album, is the packaging. The albums are together in a case similar to most digipak CD cases, the big problem is that the lyric books for the albums are conencted tot he CD case itself, so you cannot remove it. That being the only flaw, and a minor one at that, you should already Have an idea of how great this album is.
On to the music. Christofer Johnsson revisits his death metal voacls on a couple of tracks, which in all honesty is a refreshing change of pace. Although the Lemuria is slighty based more on the usual rock instruments compared to Secret Of The Runes, it is still packed with really well developed and prominent operatics and symphonics. As a whole the album stays with a similar style as older Therion albums, no great leaps on this album, the only major difference with this release is the inclusion of pure death metal vocals mixed with a full orchestra.
Each song on the album keeps you on your toes, sometimes with death metal growls or pure thespian power metal screams, and at other times with the beautiful compositions, amazing choir and operatic vocal performances. My personal favourites songs of this album are: Typhon, Three Ships Of Berik I+II, and The Dreams Of Swedenborg.
If you like previous Therion albums, you will more than likely enjoy this as well, recomended to anyone into symphonic metal. Let's hope that subsequent releases will keep up with this one!