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Sirius's Rejects Still Rock - 90%

Sue, January 30th, 2008

Sirius B is so brilliant that even it's lesser afterbirth is one of the best metal albums ever. It too has heights, Abraxas, Quetzalcoatl, Berik, it's all great stuff. But it has a different tone from Sirius- It's the lighter material, the lesser material, songs of the same era but without the collective effect that their red covered counterparts took to such great heights.

There will be many who find the couple to be the other way around, that Lemuria is the real thing and that Sirius is lacking. So let me try to justify why I am of the alternate camp: Typhon and Uthark Runa are not nearly as memorable (catchy) as Kingu and Son of the Sun. The Album opens with loud strength but not the wild humor that Kingu cast over it's half of the release. Berik is no doubt comparable to Kali Yuga but it's not as hard, not as fast, not as epic or long or genuinely scary. In the battle of title tracks I suppose Lemuria comes out on top, but then Lemuria's softer works are plentiful and forgetable, where Sirius B even at its dullest is to be remembered. What is Abraxas or Quetzalcoatl when compared to the glory of Dark Venus or Call of Dagon? Where are the gloomy intros and the Stairway to Heaven for metal that was Wondrous World of Punt? I hate to belittle such great songs as Lemuria's, but they are the rejects, the lesser works of Therion's 2004 production.

But damn theyre good. If there were no Sirius B then Lemuria would be a worthy follow up to Secret of the Runes. But there is a Sirius B so Lemuria is in this reviewers view, the lesser half of Secret's superior follow up. In any case the music is great. Operatic vocals, Symphonic delights, wild metal riffs and dark near-gothic subtext all make Lemuria worth owning. It's also stuck to Sirius B's backside so you're buying it anyway. Enjoy it.