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Woaah! - 97%

Corimngul, May 27th, 2004

I bought Lemuria in bundle with Sirius B (2CD digi...) for a lower price than I usually have to pay for a single album. And I bought it mainly because of Sirius B. Now anyway, Lemuria owns Sirius B in every possible way. Let's take a look at the songs:

The album has some killer start in Typhon, with growling vocals by Christofer Johnson. Then the only song which was solely written by another person than Christofer, Uthark Runa by Kristian Niemann. The beat and melody is simplistic, but just good. Oh yeah, those hails sound so cool. Three Ships of Berik has some atmosphere of the goths, not gothic music but the historic goths. Now, this is the third masterpiece in a row. It really makes me happy hearing the story about Berik gathering his forces for an attempt against the Roman Empire. And yes, some more growling here. The second part, Victory, of the song is a little bit annoying with all those wind isntruments, but the feeling of victory takes overhand the longer the song goes on.
Then it's the title song, Lemuria, basically it starts like a power ballad with a good melody, then it just gets heavier. And yes, here's some real cool chorus. But this is not the best song on the album. I wonder if they chose to title the album with this song because of no other song title did fit... Quetzalcoatl, the following song, is proabably the worst one on the album. I guess it's too orchestrated and has too weak choirs. But the rhythm and beat is really good anyway. The Dreams of Swedenborg begins really cool and is quite simply heavy and slowpaced. The choirs are a bit boring, but the lead vocals they are really good. The voice is just perfect to this song.
An Arrow From The Sun starts by some soprano singing, then a bass-barrytone takes over and they switches back and forth. Pretty cool actually. One doesn't hear much of what's the choir's singing except from 'Eiwar'. But 'Eiwar' is repeated often enough to sound cool... Abraxas blasts out with an intro beat just too good. All the way through the song, melody supported by bass, it's headbanging. And the choir singing seems to fit better than on any other of the songs. The last song, Feuer Overtüre/Prometeus Entfesselt is written by both Christofer and Kristian, and sounds in the beginning just like a film soundtrack. Then the metal guitars gets into it and spices it up. The text is in german as well. One can't help getting a Rammstein feeling listening to this. But of course, here are the vocals much better, so even if I feel Piotr Wawrzeniuks voice is the best choice, it's just fucking good.

So to sum up this, with the help of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Therion has managed to do another masterpiece. I was afraid that the resource of 170 musicians and vocalists would make them overdo it, but I was wrong. The orchestration imbues everything, but is still very balanced. Perhaps they use the choirs too much but still it's just great.

Ok this is not Theli, but this beats any later work in orchestration. Deggial is a work of supremacy, but still, this is a lot better. And it should be, they stayed in that studio for nine months to prepare this!