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Oh Dear... - 75%

Sue, January 30th, 2008

The Sirius B era was too good to last forever, and the Theli era was too brilliant to last as long as it did. So Therion evolved again, incorporating elements like those of Rhapsody and its flowery companions, some of them hokey and dull, others triumphant and functional. It's all different and new, and I hope it's not a sign of things to come.

The new vocalists aren't quite up to par here. The vocals are more like typical power vocals, and those that carry an operatic form aren't performed with their former skill. The riffs are faster and more forceful, but not nearly as memorable or passionate even as Deggial's. Then the lyrics finally snap. They get hokey. They get cooky and verbose without the merit of the occult themes that once permeated Therions vocabulary- they have gone from the ancient hebrew kaballah to the popular madonna kaballah. And for two discs they go on, enfatuated with their own silliness, and plowing over the absolute flawless brilliance that Therion is still capable of.

How do we know they're still capable of it? Because of the last track. GK would get a 60% from me if not for Adulruna Rediviva. This may be Therions single best song ever. It has all the operatics, all the symphonics, all the powefull beautifull crazy twists and shifts of Sirius B and Theli, it transmogrifies from epic to subtle to wild to electronic to mysterious to obvious like Classical Gas did in the 60s, Adulruna is a powerful magnum opus of Therion's sound that ends the album with music so great you can only hope a second listening will prove the rest of the thing to be so good, but on my 5th listening, it has yet to improve.

It's worth buying just for Adulruna Rediviva. The rest is schmaltz but I maintain Therion's worst is better than most. And the end is mind blowing. Absolutely mind blowing. I very much hope the end is a hint of things to come, and that the body is over and done.