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Mixed rarities. - 85%

Corimngul, September 18th, 2005

How do you value an album like this? It was a fan club release, but can now also be bought via the Therion store. It was wise not to release it to a wider audience, because I doubt there’ll be a lot of people jumping up and down in joy while hearing the Blitzkrieg tracks. They are probably the worst songs I’ve heard having a relation to a respectable band, but at least it explains why they changed name. Then one track from the Paroxysmal Holocaust demo and three tracks from the Beyond the Darkest Veils of Inner Wickedness demo kick this album into motion. What we get is slow, old school death metal. Mind you, not of the progressive calibre that Beyond Sanctorum possessed, but more of the straightforward, heavily distorted kind featured on Time Shall Tell and Of Darkness.

Then it gets thrashier with Ravaged, a song originally written back in 1991 but now recorded by a fresher line-up (consisting of the Niemanns and Karppinen at drums). It is one of the better songs of the album and is guaranteed to please the death metal era fans. Black and Melez are demo versions of said Lepaca Kliffoth songs, recorded in order to get a contract with Nuclear Blast. They turn out amazingly well, even though Therion used a drum machine. Very nicely programmed. Then follows my personal favourite, Path of the Psychopath. It’s wonderfully psychedelically riffed, with just the right tempo, enchanted keyboards and a strange chant, recorded just before Theli. I can listen to it over and over again.

All in all this is a fan’s release, without any real noteworthy contents but Path of the Psychopath. The material featured here is mostly only of historical interest. Compared to other such compilations this one turns out very well. Yeah. Once again, do not buy unless you are a fan of Therion’s death metal material.

Rare Gems - 85%

evilution, April 1st, 2003

I joined the Therion fanclub essentially to obtain this cd, and I think it was generally worth it. The Blitzkrieg songs are admittedly awful, but they have historical value and are interesting because of this. Also included are some early Therion demos, which were not included on the 2000 rerelease of the first three albums, and these are much better than the Blitzkrieg stuff. The best demos, however, come from the Lepaca Kliffoth album. We get to hear Black and Melez, which were apparently recorded to get the record deal with NB, so they have historical value as well. The best song on here, though, is Ravaged, which is a very old song recorded for the first time with the new line-up and proper production. This song makes me interested in hearing some other old songs rerecorded, and hopefully the band will embark on this project at some point.

On a somewhat unrelated note, the Fan Club itself is excellent, and while this cd is certainly the best reason to join, the close contact with the band and timely news updates are also well worth the money!