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Bad ass - 80%

axman, August 3rd, 2002

If any band deserves the title the best band you've never heard it's Theory In Practice. Hailing from Sweden (big suprise there) TIP play ultra-technical death metal in the style of Atheist, Nocturnus, and Death. Many have compared them to Meshuggah because of the chugga-chugga riffs they sometimes use but they can easily outdo Meshuggah. They much more brutal and technical. Peter Lake is THE most underrated guitarist ever. Talk about shredding, picture Yngwie playing in a death metal band. Bassist/keyboardist Mattias Engstrund also shreds away espeicially on keyboards. Drummer Henrik Ohlsson is an incredible drummer and again very underrated. Vocalist/guitarist Johan Ekman does a nice job keeping the rhythm and does some nice solos. To bad he left after this album to study music. On to the music. The acoustic solo Lake does on the title track is worth the price of the album. Other great songs include Submissive, Worlds Within Worlds, The Expiring Utopia, and Theoretical Conviction. The only song I reallt don't like is Inexplicable Nature, though it has some great lyrics the song itself is rather weak. If you like Nocturnus you must own this. And if you've been wanting some great technical death metal definatly check out Theory In Practice.