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Best progressive album released in 2011 - 86%

stormruller, March 9th, 2012

Theocracy is a Christian progressive power metal band from Georgia, United States founded in 2002 by vocalist Matt Smith and has now release their third album, "As The World Bleeds", I'm not a big fan of progressive bands, my favorite bands are the most known progressive bands in the genre like Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and also Queensr├┐che and Pagan's Mind if you judge these last two as progressive as some might say they are not so much progressive. Of course there are also good progressive bands out there but I take my time in listening to melodic metal, hard rock and AOR lately.

Theocracy's new album is a great progressive metal album, great stuff here, amazing guitar riffs, very good vocals done by Matt Smith (he remembers a lot vocalist Michelle Luppi from Vision Divine). In the first song of their new album, you can note that you're about to listen a great progressive metal album, the 11-minute epic "I AM" has it's heavy and slow moments, simply amazing song.

Throughout "As The World Bleeds" you can listen to some fast moments by the bands like songs "The Master Storyteller" with it's amazing chorus and the little stop in the guitar solo and only drums at the end, I really like this "little stop" in metal music!! "Hide In The Fairytale" is another song in the same style with this "little stop" during the chorus lines, other great fast songs here are "Altar To The Unknown God" and "Light Of The World". The album has also it's ballad moments and which the same songs has also it's heavy moments like "The Gift Of Music" and "Drown". My favorite song here is the song "30 Pieces Of Silver" which is a brilliant song, great job done by the band. The band choose to finish the album with "As The World Bleeds" which is my least favorite.

Overall, all songs here deserves highlights and if you miss any good progressive bands and over the last few years didn't find a good progressive album, be sure to check out this album. Theocracy is now for sure one of my top favorite bands in the progressive metal genre and "As The World Bleeds" is among the best albums of 2011.

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