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Them - Fear Them

Awesome debut EP - 100%

Akerthorpe, June 14th, 2016

With members hailing from The United States and Germany, they have come together with some seriously awesome King Diamond worship. This CD EP is absolutely sick! Everything about this CD, from the members to the finished product is absolutely everything any metal head could hope for. The talent didn’t just fall in the laps of these guys. Each member is well versed in the world of metal. Mike LePond who has played with such bands such as Symphony X, Helstar, and Seven Witches is on bass. Kevin Talley who has played with the likes of Suffocation, Dying Fetus, and Cattle Decapitation is on drums. Then there is Markus Ullrich on guitars. He has played for the likes of Lanfear and Septagon. Richard Seibel, Troy Norr, and Markus Johansson round out the band on guitars, keyboards, vocals, and more guitars!

You can really pick up on the versatility of each of these members. The members who have been in more extreme metal bands than this, really shine through as they show that they are able to adapt to and play any style while staying true to the foundation that is metal itself. Each member brings something different to this band and the end result is something absolutely beautiful in melody while being fierce and unforgiving in the realms of passion and love for the art. Like I said before, this is some serious King Diamond worship going on here. Now I want you to combine that with some influences from the likes of Iced Earth, Savatage, Sanctuary, and Nevermore. The riffs here have a very nice power/progressive edge to them while still remaining traditional in terms of those like you would find on any King Diamond or Mercyful Fate release. Each tune here contains the vibes and influences I have mentioned and I have to say that right from the get go, I was not ready for what I heard. It was a pleasant surprise to hear such a release as this but what was even more shocking was the diverse array of bands these members have played with.

My only complaint is that this CD EP was not a full-length. This is one of those releases that transcends genres, so if anyone out there is a bit cautious about this release I can totally understand, but I can assure all of you that should you indeed check this release out, you will not regret the awesomeness you have allowed into your life, and even deeper, your soul. These guys have definitely earned my respect and I anxiously await to hear what these guys have to offer in the future. All fans of the above bands need this in their collection. Also look into some of the bands that these guys have been in to get a good idea of where the members of Them came from before starting this band.