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Thee Plague of Gentlemen > Primula Pestis > Reviews
Thee Plague of Gentlemen - Primula Pestis

Enjoyable and energetic doom metal - 68%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, January 11th, 2012

This is pretty enjoyable doom metal from a quartet of gents from Ghent in Belgium: there's a good deep motorcycle rumble in the band's sound and the music revolves around a riff-based approach. Guitarist / vocalist Steve McMillan sounds like a mellow version of Metallica man James Hetfield: the voice is tough, gravelly and self-assured. The guy gets the lyrics out and out of the way efficiently so that the instrumentals which those TPOG fellas know are the things we're really hanging out our tongues for can get down -way, waaay down! - to business.

The guys can plod as slowly as any other doom metal band but when the boys are suddenly overcome by the spirit of rock'n'roll, as on "The Hidden Elixir", these jolly gents go for broke tossing out riff after riff like there's no tomorrow - and sadly after the album's release there was no tomorrow for the band due to McMillan's crimes which caused TPOG to break up and reform as Serpentcult. "The Hidden Elixir" is my favourite track on the album: it's an inspired piece with very catchy riffs, melodies and guitar runs. Not far behind is "Your Love is King (Of the Dead)" which sounds very much like UK doom band Cathedral with Hetfield at the helm as vocalist and the band being energised by the choice of singer.

Perhaps TPOG aren't the most original doom metal band around and they're left far in the dust by a great many other bands in the genre but if you like energetic doom metal even with all the usual musical cliches associated with that music.

An original version of this review was written for The Sound Projector (Issue 15) in 2007.