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The Symphony of Horror!...with black metal quality - 100%

DracuLeo, August 23rd, 2011

Theatres des Vampires' first release, Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens, marked their first chapter in their glorious black metal era. Fans of their later releases such as Nightbreed of Macabria should think twice before giving this one a listen! Because they won't find weepy female vocals and symphonic keyboards in this one, the only things they'll find are raw recording, Lord Vampyr's chants, growls and shrieks, tremolo picked guitars and church organ keyboards in the background.

The first song, Unholy Ceremonial/Funeral of a Cursed Child, starts immediately with Lord Vampyr's death metallish growls, insane drumming and tremolo picking. The keyboards are trying to play some riffs here, but the guitar overshines them. Later in the song, Lord Vampyr moves to shrieks and the whole song is one epic massacre of everything that you could ask for form this genre: blast beats, insane tremolos, demonic sounding shrieks and even a few clean vocals. This one will clearly please any black metal fan.

Dominions of the Northern Empire is probably my favorite track off this demo. It starts with some raw guitars and Lord Vampyr's chanting, and then the keyboards and drums join with a slow paced tempo. But not for long, as when the tremolo picking starts, Lord Vampyr shows us what his voice is capable of, with some heart piercing shrieks and faster instrumentals. By 1:20, the song reaches its chorus, aka church organ keyboards in background and Lord Vampyr chanting beautifully something about a 'revelation' and a 'sensation'. Also, don't let the small guitar part at 2:00 fool you into thinking the 'chorus' is over. Lord Vampyr continues with some more clean vocals as the tremolo picked guitar joins in, forming an epic atmosphere which many melodic black metal bands strive to achieve. By 2:53 everything stops and Lord Vampyr growls something about fucking a virgin *no joke*, and when he says "Open your legs so that three without branches can enter the forest" the instruments join him and he does some more chanting. Then he switches back to growling, but not for long, as they repeat the 'chorus' once again. The song ends after the chorus, with Lord Vampyr saying "We pray his majesty, the King Lucifer". Besides the bad English grammar, this song is epic win on so many levels and is also one of my top favorite Theatres des Vampires songs.

Kingdom of Vampires, like the first track, begins with Lord Vampyr growling and screeching all over the very melodic guitar riff. The organ tries to add more atmosphere here and there. Later in the song the keyboard is playing some catchy parts and Lord Vampyr continuing his chants, but this time you've gotten used to it's clearly that they didn't have that many ideas after Dominions. Luckily this song ends fast and its very last riff is an epic closer to the first dark treasure which this cult band had to offer.

All in all, I find this to be TdV's best melodic black metal release and it is a must have for vampiric black metal fans and black metal fans in general. They'll clearly not be disappointed by it!
Favorite tracks: all three of them.