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Oh Hell No. - 40%

Sue, January 29th, 2008

The letters W, T and F are thrown around all too much these days, but seriously- WTF? The masters of gothic metal made this? No, no it's just so wrong. It's electropop. Even the infallable Wikipedia knows it. This is electropop and with a couple tracks exceptions, it's bad electropop. Commute and Machine are rather neat in a catchy sort of way but the title track is hokey beyond hokey. "I need more rhythm"? Clicks and beeps? This is the kind of lyric and sound that KMFDM would throw away, let alone what a band who previously wrote wholly in old english and sang like opera.

I gave Assembly 75%, and did so because techno though it is, it is good, catchy fun techno. Musique is not. Musique is hokey lame crappy club techno that could only be appreciated on a whole lot of drugs surrounded by glow sticks and 16 year olds on E. And I don't mean the note. Speaking of notes, there are two on this album: high and higher. The light featherweight tones and repetative yet unmemorable songs are too long 3 minutes. And after Aegis! Aegis was slow, dark, sad, somber, beautifull, memorable, elegent, smart, everything that the word gothic means. And then this had to happen. It's like watching a marathon runner trip on a banana peel, and sounds much the same. If you want good electrpop wait for their next album. If you want gothic metal stick to their first three. If and only if you want their complete works for the sake of obsessive complusive disorder, buy Musique, but if you do for the love of god don't listen to it. Life is just too short for that.