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Does every night have its dawn? - 100%

vigaljot, January 30th, 2014

So this is the final release for Theatre of Tragedy. So many bands over the years have stated they are quitting, and yet they were back later on. It´s not always positive to see this happen, as many fail to live up, in their later careers, to what they have been.

Here it does not look like they will be back though. Allegedly Theatre of Tragedy quit to allow the members to pursue they "normal lives" concerning families and jobs, since it seems like the band never made it all the way to support financially the lives of its members.
And yes, when you see this last effort, you wish they would be back some day. Starting as a "Beauty and the Beast" death/gothic metal band, they moved on towards pure gothic metal before including some electronics in their sound and finally turned back to their gothic roots on their last releases, without completely loosing what they had experimented over the years.

What we have here is their VERY LAST SHOW. Played in their home country. No need to say there is a special feel to it, due to this reasons. The band looks very aware of the fact it is their last shot and they just give all they´ve got. From an audio/visually point of view it is just spotless, perfect. Very enjoyable to see and to hear.

The tracklist is a good mix of everyhing they stood for over the years: all albums are represented, excluding "Assembly", the less inspired of their two electronic efforts. This phase of their career is nonetheless welle represented through the songs taken from "Musique".

The alchemy in the band, on this specific night seems kind of special. A few moving moments between members are to be found, and a few tears shed, both in the band and among the fans that had the luck to experience this night. I personally witnessed another show from this same farewell tour and, although enjoyng it, it lacked the magic of this last gig.

You´ve probably gathered by now it is a special experience to watch this live show. You really get to feel the band saying "farewell" to their fans...and to each other. And if you are not moved before by this live show, you will certainly be by the last song. An odd choice, I found myself seeing them live, being it a slow, sorrowfull one. I thought: "is this really the last song you want to play?". But in the light of this very last show, on this release, it all makes perfectly sense: the singer Nell Siegland stands alone on the scene, her singing only accompained by the keybordist´s piano playing. Colours (very vivid during the show, predominantly blue and red) disappear, living you to watch this last song in black and white, jusy to resurface as the whole band takes the scene again in the last part of the song. The image fades completely away as the band is thanking the audience.

If you are/were a fan of ANY Theatre of Tragedy release, you shoud not miss the chance to have their last show. I bet one of their best gigs ever. And I believe one of the nicest done music DVDs out there. If you were never familiar with this band check this out: I bet you will get back at the rest of their catalogue, regreting the misfortune of not knowing them before they quit.

"I know by now every night has its dawn", they sing at the end. Let´s hope this night without Theatre of Tragedy will have one too.

PS There are a few extras on the DVD (in deph interviews with band members, a live audio CD and it´sa ll nicely done. But you don´t need them to have plenty of good reasons to get this gem.