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1 Step Forward, 2/3 Back - 88%

Sue, October 7th, 2009

Rough vocals have returned! Where Storm took us back to Aegis while keeping some of the electropop elements, Forever is the World keeps the Storm sound while further integrating the Aegis soft-gothic metal tone, and one-ups it with a few hints of Velvet Darkness.

The result is darn good, though uneven. The first half of the album is a bit dull, but then halfway through track 5, we are treated to catchier, stronger music that doesn't let up until the Album ends. ToT also throws in some experiments, including a short song (Astray) that has a poetic, nearly rap influenced duet for vocals. The keyboards treat us to the same sort of sublime melodies that made Storm work so well, and the vocals are a welcome showcase for Sigland, who dominates the record to romantic effect.

Frozen is the finest track, a somber opus that matches the quality and mood of their first two albums. Illusions follows and this could have been recorded during the Aegis sessions, it sounds almost identical to Angelique. The last couple tracks round out the album with high quality melancholia. While not a true return to form, it continues the Storm trend in a good direction. It's a treat for anyone who dislikes their electronic era and prefers their early works, but it's new, it's different, and it doesn't just rehash their early style at a lower quality.

No tracks to skip, several to play on repeat (at the risk of depression). Recommended for any fan of Gothic Metal, critical for any fan of any part of Theatre of Tragedy.