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Theatre of Tragedy > Demo 1994 > Reviews
Theatre of Tragedy - Demo 1994

The birth of beauty and the beast metal - 100%

Aegis29, August 5th, 2014
Written based on this version: 1994, Cassette, Independent (White tape)

If you love any band with harsh vocals mixed with a sweet female voice, this is the album you must be thankful for. Theatre of Tragedy's demo is the seed of the current "beauty and the beast" metal and I can't imagine any better first step to this genre.

This record is short and mesmerizing, and despite having an independent production the structure of the record is really solid. The band blends the classical aggressive doom guitars with some sorrowful and smooths passages with a grieving female voice proper of The 3rd & the Mortal and the characteristic of dark keyboards of early gothic.

All the songs are written in old English to increase the mystery and fits perfectly with the "medieval royal dance" atmosphere of the music. The lyrics are actually stories perfectly told by both singers in a roleplay singing mode, materializing an actual "Theatre of Tragedy" with all the beauty and madness of hyperbolic romanticism literature.

The general composition, perfectly executed by all the members of the band, is extremely cohesive. The whole puzzle matches: the vocals, the sound effects, the keyboard, the hard riffs, and the drums all come together in a shivery parade. The sorrow and the beauty with all highs and lows in the melody alternating moods and experience makes this album a really compelling ride to the listener.