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For open-minded music fans - 80%

Shadow_Walker, July 6th, 2009

When I hear the name “Theatre of Tragedy”, the image of a band which had a great impact on the development of the gothic metal genre with its early albums pops up in my mind. But here we are, yet to face another, completely different face of the band. Yes, this is not metal, it’s not even goth music. This is electro pop/rock. However, I think the goths who listen to industrial and EBM would enjoy it.

But let’s concentrate on the music. It’s happy, it’s up-beat, it’s full of positive emotions and you can chill out while listening to this album. Well it’s not something really unique but the band has put their talent in making this a nice and interesting album. Its mood really fits the modern nightlife in a big metropolis. While listening to “Assembly” I feel like I’m in a club where the people are dancing wild on the floor. So it’s logical that the lyrics deal with flirting and modern life in somewhat a funny way.

There are two main elements that build up the music:
The popish synthesized sounds that actually are complex and a bit eccentric, so that they cannot be found in a song by some pop diva. They are the key part of the melody and are responsible for the pleasant club atmosphere. I personally “see” them as strange floating and intertwining neon lights.
And the guitars, simple and not heavy at all. But they load the music with energy, which is actually their main purpose, because here the synthesizers are in the front place, as in most electro rock bands.
I assume there are drums but it seems that they were killed by the electronic beats.

The vocals are, of course, perfectly performed by Liv. She doesn’t sing in the same vein as in the first albums, and has approached in somewhat pop-manner to her singing, which really fits the atmosphere. However, although I don’t really like the robot voice of Raymond, especially in their last album “Storm”, here he finds his place.

Of course it’s not a perfect release, there are some weak parts, some mediocre tunes. But as a whole it’s a well-done album and most of the songs have their memorable parts. I would recommend this album to all open-minded music fans or those who would like to explore the territory or the electronic music.