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Ass-embly... A real tragedy indeed! - 55%

Axonn, June 21st, 2007

What I first noticed when listening to this album was the text. The (very) stupid lyrics. The music sounded pretty interesting during the first song (Automatic Lover) but the title of the song and the lyrics pretty much defined the rest of the album: idiotic text and techno/rock music. While I don’t particularly dislike this kind of stuff, it’s definitely Theatre Of Tragedy’s worst album. Their previous release, Musique, was much better than this and Aegis is light years away. Since I like Theatre Of Tragedy, I'll make an exception to my own rule and spend some time in writing a review about something I don't love. I don't hate this album, but it's definitely a disappointment.

What annoys me most are the lyrics. I can’t really stand listening to music when stupid words are being shot at me ears like bullets in my stomach. Even so, I’m going to try and make a super-human effort and ignore this aspect (even if it’s so hard considering the lyrics are sang, not screamed, which makes them more understandable, unfortunately!). So, let’s concern ourselves only with the music on this lowly release.

I don’t know what they were thinking when they recorded this stuff. ‘cause it wasn’t metal, that’s for sure. On some songs, the guitars are used only as filling material and dare-say, the entire album revolves around keyboards, not around guitars. While this might be okay in other situations, it’s not here, since the guitar arrangements are too simple and… simply dumb. They might as well have used a keyboard simulation of a guitar. Anyway, the music isn’t terrible. It’s just… the worst I heard from Theatre Of Tragedy. However. Some songs have really good parts, such as the beginning of “Episode” or “Starlit” or “Automatic Lover”. There are highlights, no doubt about this. But this isn’t enough. The album seems like a happy-horse-shit collection of songs with meaningless lyrics, stretched on a techno-rock instrumental platform. Liv Kristine’s last album as vocal for Theatre Of Tragedy is a sad piece of sound compared to their past works. It looks like it’s turning into a habit with these girls… Tristania’s last album with Vibeke was also their worst. I wouldn’t buy this CD and I would even advice people against it. Go get Aegis instead, it’s a fantastic album. Or, at the opposite ends, Velvet Darkness They Fear (old style) or Musique (new style) are better options.